Why are you hosting this event ? and how will teenagers benefit from this?  Well first let me start with the titled theme of this official health observance week for teens “National Drug Facts Week: Shatter The Myths”.  Shattering The Myths about drugs and drug abuse is important to a generation of teenagers who are improperly influenced by hip-hop artists who glorify drug kingpins, drugs and drug addiction.  Freeway Rick Ross a well-known drug kingpin in th 1980’s indicted on drug charges, sued rapper Rick Ross for using his name illegally.   Rick Ross is not the only artist that is proud to identify with a drug kingpin and brag about dealing drugs because  there are many other artists including Lil Wayne and Eminem that promote drugs and drug addiction through their lyrics as well.  Unfortunately for most parents with teenagers that idolize these rappers , decoding hip hop lyrics with street drug slang terms would be impossible without an urban dictionary http://www.urbandictionary.com/.  Rappers glorify drug dealers and illegal drug use and slang names mask the message.

National Drug Facts Week: Shatter the Myths (NDFW) the initiative of The National Institute on Drug Abuse ( NIDA) , is a week-long health observance campaign for teens beginning Monday November 8 to bring scientists and teens together in a safe environment to discuss the facts about drugs and drug abuse.  The Association of Women in Forensic Science (AWIFS) are hosting this inaugural health observance week  in West Oak Lane Philadelphia for teens so they can receive factual information from scientific experts about drugs and drug abuse.  The event will be held on Saturday November 13, 2010 12pm-4pm at the Simons Recreation Center 7200 woolston avenue ( walnut lane and woolston avenue).   Keynote speaker John J. Bryfonski, Special Agent in Charge of The DEA Philadelphia Division will address prescription drug abuse  which is the second most commonly abused category of drug.  Dr. Tom Reid who partnered with this event is founder and executive director of Southwest Nu-Stop substance abuse treatment centers in Philadelphia and will have alumni from his centers discuss their personal experiences with substance abuse and treatment.   AWIFS thought it would be a great idea to utilize teen ambassadors to help get the word out about the event to the teen community , so  the teen ambassadors will engage other teens in a  peer discussion at the event which will focus on the NIDA publication ” Shatter The Myths”.  Teen ambassadors from the Imhotep Institute Charter High School STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program will base the peer discussion on topics from the publication such as Marijuana, Peer Pressure, Medical Consequences, Methamphetamine,Tobacco, Prescription Drugs, Drugs and your brain( effects of drugs) and Treatment.  Teens will engage the teen participants by using visual aids that reference commonly abused drugs related to the topic and street drug slang terms.  At this national event, there will be drug prevention/treatment and youth organizations to provide teenagers with the correct information about drugs along with food, music , prizes and giveaways.   For more information about National Drug Facts Week, visit http://drugfactsweek.drugabuse.gov/

AWIFS goal is to have an event that is educational and fun for the teen community.  I want the teens to benefit from NDFW in Philly and feel like they learned something.  Join AWIFS  for the CyberShoutout  Monday November 8, 2010 on Twitter @womeninforensic and facebook as we shout out facts about drugs and drug abuse.   Please come out Saturday November 13, 2010 12pm-4pm and support the teen community by shattering the myths about drugs and drug abuse.


For more information about AWIFS, contact us via e-mail at womeninforensic@gmail.com