If I received a dollar for every time I was asked this question, I would be a millionaire.  I think it’s interesting that I have been a Forensic Chemist for nine years and I only watched this show twice and I can’t recall if it’s the C.S.I. New York, Vegas or Miami (there should be a C.S.I Philadelphia :-)) that I got a glimpse of.  Well unlike C.S.I,  Forensic results are not processed within minutes and most Forensic Scientists do not have any contact with the crime scene or the defendants.  This fictitious dramatization of the Forensic Science field on C.S.I ( Crime Scene Investigation), a show about solving crimes with physical evidence  gives a false depiction of what a Forensic Scientist really does and has the public as well as the media misinformed about real life Forensic Scientists.  I’m a Forensic Chemist, but I analyze controlled and non controlled substances in the lab under controlled  and uncontaminated conditions.  I don’t visit crime scenes and  the timeliness of the results depend on the type of case I’m analyzing.  I was talking to my friend and coworker and she said that on one C.S.I episode, the Forensic actor performed a color test on cocaine and concluded that it was cocaine.  This is false in Forensic  Chemistry because one cannot conclude any drug from a color test.  I can recall when I began my career in 2001 when Forensics was just getting popular due to the alleged mishandling of  the physical evidence from the OJ trial and the season premiere of C.S.I in 2000.  Nowadays, everybody and their mom is trying to attend school for Forensics because of C.S.I also known as the C.S.I effect.  I can’t blame people for believing whats on TV, so that’s why I’m here to educate you.  Oh and by the way,while I’m not a big C.S.I fan, I enjoy watching Law and Order SVU.  toodles:-)