I’m A Scientist With A Sense Of Humor.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia ( you know, the city where Will Smith and Jill Scott are from:-)).  I attended Temple University and graduated with a B.S degree in Chemistry, but I worked as a Pharmacy Technician during college and thought I was going to Pharmacy School.  Well I didn’t go to Pharmacy School, but instead I landed me a really cool and interesting  job as a Forensic Chemist.  Because of my background in Chemistry and working as a Pharmacy Technician, Drug Chemistry was perfect for me.    I perform analysis on controlled and non controlled substances and testify as an expert witness in Municipal and Federal Court, so in other words I would be classified as a Drug Chemist.  I been employed as a Forensic Chemist for nine years and always had a passion for studying drugs along with the psychological and physical effects it has on the human body.  You can catch me reading various publications on Forensic Science and Drugs as well as watching Drug Documentaries in my past time .  The purpose of this blog is to provide you with information about Forensic Science/Drug Chemistry, Drug Trends and In My Opinion The Influence That The Hip Hop Culture Today has on Drug Abuse.  By the way, this blog and its contents are the views and opinions of my own only and not necessarily those of my employer.  Enjoy:-)